A community of students excited by innovation.

Welcoming anyone with an @georgetown.edu and desire to meet new people.

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The story and mission behind our company

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The values & mantra that drive everything we do

Embracing disruption and fueling action through a network of student-led initiatives centered around blockchain technology.

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Open to All

Every student at Georgetown has the opportunity to participate.

Community Focused

It's all about the people, both in our organization and community.

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Our leadership team is all undergraduate students.

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Education First

Don't know anything about blockchain? No problem!

Our Advisory Board

Georgetown Blockchain is advised by some of the best in the industry, ensuring we stay on a track of innovation and excellence.

A photo of Harry Alford
Senior Cloud Sales Specialist @ Coinbase
A photo of Derek Walkush
Partner @ Variant Fund
Jason Urban
Co-Head of Trading @ Galaxy Digital
A photo of Alex Rodrick
Community Team @ Braintrust
Institutional Sales @ Cowen Digital
Co-Founder @ NeoMana Labs
Relationship Manager @ Lumida

What we do

  • LABS
  • A bi-weekly open forum designed for a range of activities, such as discussions, presentations, speaker events, and competitions.
  • The Georgetown Blockchain Education Program is designed to instill Georgetown students with a solid foundation in blockchain technology.
  • Larger scope activities that take place outside of Labs and often involve one or more partner organizations.